We are with you through all your industrial automation projects.

R-TECH is located in the French Alps, in the heart of one of the largest concentration of industrial production units in Europe.

Our expertise in the screw cutting industry is applicable to other industrial sectors such as automotive, food, luxury, plastic...

Our skills

3 fields of expertise to enhance the performance of your industrial automation, making it more flexible, more precise in order to be more competitive:

  • Research & Development
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automation integration

For the design and production of your custom machine:

  • We offer complete in house design and production of your custom machine in accordance with your specifications.

To optimize your conventional cam-operated machine

  • R-TECH has created a unique solution dedicated to the screw cutting industry: the digital cross slide

Your gains:

  • Your industrial machines are more efficient
  • You meet the highest end markets' requirements
  • Your productivity is increased
  • You control costs

Our advantages

  • 40 years experience producing high precision tooling through our company JACKY RENNARD
  • The expertise of our SYSTECH automation engineering and design office
  • Our combined know how under a unique banner: R-TECH, for a turnkey solution.
  • A single contact able to handle all of your requirements and specifications

To choose R-TECH is to surround yourself with experts to design and build your custom industrial equipment.

Our commitment

  • Innovative precise and reliable solutions, with high technological value
  • Constant support to design and build your industrial automation system
  • Compliance with EC standards
  • Taking into account the constraints and deadlines