1. More than just turning


We know your cam controlled Multi-spindle lathes are exceptionally fast and ideal for the mass production of turned parts at short cycle times. And this is why we want you to keep them.

However, the HYCAM (Hybrid Multi-spindle) concept allows you to do more:
GWM ITALIA rebuilds your machines anew, and with R-TECH, we combine the speed and reliability of your cam driven machines with the flexibility and the accuracy of CNC technology.

2. Complex operations?

HyCam opens up a wide range of turned part applications. From the simple, mass produced turned part machined at high speed, to the accurate complex part finished on the machine. HYCAM offers technologically sophisticated and economically attractive solutions for the manufacture of a multitude of turned parts.

3. A simple conversion

Turning your cam operated Multi-Spindle Lathe into a Hybrid Multi-spindle is a simple 2 step process:

  • Your machine (or one of the numerous used machines we have in stock) is first entirely stripped down and rebuilt anew by GWM ITALIA. Every rebuilding is carried out with great care and every single part of the lathe is checked and worked out anew or replaced starting from worn out pieces like bushes, bolts and rollers up to the drum (using a SIP Genevoise machine), the central block, the spindle group and the slides.
  • The digitizing process is then carried out by R-TECH in our workshop here in France. This step includes the fitting of a new electrical cabinet and a hinged Fanuc 31i CNC operating panel that serves both sides of the machine. Variable spindle speed and feed is then standard, and the CNC is predisposed to drive up to 4 optional CNC Cross slides, a 3 axes CNC Pick Up, and a CNC Taping unit depending on your needs. The set-up of additional CNC attachments can be done subsequently, directly in your workshop, when you need it.

4. Half cam,
half cnc


Every one of your HYCAM rebuilt anew machine can be equipped with up to four CNC Cross slides, a 3 axes CNC Pick up, and a CNC Taping unit depending on your needs. These CNC functions open up a new range of applications, by increasing flexibility in resetting and increasing the machining accuracy.

Using the Fanuc 31i CNC to drive our CNC cross slides, your complex operations can be freely programmed and turned with great accuracy, and you stay in control of your production thanks to dynamic offsetting. The use of standard inserts reduces tooling costs, quick-change toolholder allow for simple and rapid changeover, and resetting times are reduced as workpiece changes are handled by CNC programs. Operating the machine becomes more comfortable as corrective values for dimensional errors and tool wear can be entered via the CNC control panel while the machine is in production.

The 3 axes CNC Pick up opens up a number of possibilities for back operations with up to two (in some cases three) tools, and eliminates the need for second operations. The X-Axis is carried out by an auxiliary cross slide, and the Z-Axis and C-Axis by the Pick-up spindle that works like a sliding headstock. All axes are driven by ball screws and servomotors easily programmable to turn your back operations such as Internal or external threading operations, grooves, and complex shapes.

combines the tried, tested, fast and robust cam technology with the sensitive and flexible CNC drive technology.

  • Tried and tested: the speed and reliability of your cam-operated Multi-spindle lathes.
  • Flexible: complex turning operations using options such as our CNC Cross slides, 3 Axis CNC Pick up and CNC Taping unit.