CNC cross slide

Power performance strength and precision

Flexibility and performance of ISO programming

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The Cross slide offers numerous machining possibilities which can easily be implemented thanks to the Fanuc CNC.

  • Internal & external threading
  • Internal & external pitting and grooving
  • Clean and precise turning
  • Sphere, cone and all shapes
All the while using standard tools: low running cost and fast profitability. The front panel allows the use of many different tool-holder configurations: standard (Kennametal) or custom.

Power, performance, rigidity and extreme precision:

  • Compact, rigid and powerful conception guarantees high machining quality
  • Very dynamic system: 40 ft/min in fast and powerful accelerations: perfect control of cycle time.
  • High precision: High positioning and repeat accuracy of axis: 2µm.
  • Machine precision improvement: Thanks to the spindle offset correction.

For example, on a Tornos SAS16.6 equipped with 2 CNCl cross slides CX35: machining a diameter with a TI of ± 10µm: Capability obtained : 1.66.